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Agriturismi: La Quercia BioAgriturismo, Atri

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The building where the rooms are situated has been built under strict anti-seismic regulations using eco-friendly techniques. The load-bearing masonry, uses no concrete thus avoiding harmful magnetic fields that can disturb the bodies inner balance and harmony.

In the rooms the electricity uses a radial electric line, the non toxic paint and plaster insure that the walls breathe and release no harmful chemicals into the air while the furniture and beds are made entirely of solid wood treated only with natural paint and all the lamps are energy saving.

The wooden roof is insulated with a ventilated type of wooden fibre panel using no glue, to avoid the release of harmful and toxic substances and to ensure that cosmic radiation aiding restful sleep is absorbed.

The absence of shallow groundwater, the use of the natural materials such as clay, wood and cork, organic plaster, the use of solar panels, rainwater collection, a low temperature heating, etc.. are some of the many attention to details that man and nature must have to live in complete harmony.